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The Band That Never Was

by Various Artists

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    PS: The booklet is written in Norwegian. It might get translated if there is demand for it.

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    Includes unlimited streaming of The Band That Never Was via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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Written by Jørgen Skontorp There's nothing here to do No one here that I can talk to Everyone here, I resent, Sniffin' glue for entertainment I wanna get out Outta shit city Get me out Outta shit city I'm sitting here all alone, Staring into a brick wall, The sky is always grey, All my friends have moved away
Written by Jørgen Skontorp Don't you have any hobbies? Other than drinking and working out? Don't you have any passion? You are just a boring girl Where are the cool girls? Where have they gone? Don't you have ambitions? You're gonna be a stay at home mom, Netflix is not a hobby, And no, blogging doesn’t count!
Written by Christoffer Jacobsen and Jørgen Skontorp What if youth was forever I don't want to be you I just want to be with you Do you like me? I can change What if all my friends were cool and rich? Would you be talking to me then? What if my house was full of stuff? Would you consider me a friend? After all these years I still haven't made it I just need confidence Do you love me? Please love me!
Written by Jørgen Skontorp Why do you wanna go? We can stay right here Why study for that test? We got TV Why should I self improve? I'll jerk off instead Why practice for the show? Let's just go eat Why do it today When you can do it tomorrow? Why do it tomorrow When you can do it next week? So where do we go from here There should be another verse I guess I can write it another day So I'll just write some filler words
Written by Christoffer Jacobsen I smoked a joint and lost an arm Toked some reefer and sold my kidney Before I knew it, I had killed my mom And now 32 of my friends are gone Don't smoke weed It's gonna Kill ya I rolled a blunt and the cops came knockin' I stood up, said “Please don't kill me for nothing" They grabbed my arms, shoved their baton down my throat Pulled a gun to my head, and now I'm dead
Written by Jørgen Skontorp Drink, eat, smoke Don't you worry oooh About tomorrow Just repeat I just wanna have Good times I just wanna Do it all again I am trying to forget So I can relive All my happy moments Everything again
Written by Jørgen Skontorp Jeg har ingenting å gjøre her Ingen her som står meg nær Jeg misliker alle jeg har møtt Jeg blir høy fordi jeg har nødt Få meg ut! Ut av denne byen Jeg må ut! Ut av denne byen Jeg sitter her helt alene Og stirrer inn i veggen Himmelen er alltid grå Og jeg har ingen venner nå
Written by Jørgen Skontorp I see them on the streets I see them on the beach With my sunglasses on I can't lie, no I can't lie I love to look at girls (Pretty girls) But I seem like a creep (Pretty girls) Old & young, big & small (pretty girls) In every color they come (I like em all) I love to look at girls I see them at festivals I see them in the clubs With my sunglasses on I can't lie, no I can't lie It's ok to look With sunglasses on
Written by Jørgen Skontorp The hardest part of playing in a band, Is to not end up killing each other, We did it in the wrong order, gotta be famous first, Then feel free to hate your band brother We were gonna go far We were going to be rock stars I thought this would be a pause But we became the band that never was There was no cash here to work like glue There's no point standing here hating you There's no fun in this anymore I just have to let it go There is no fun anymore I just have to let it go


Buzzdriver was a "super group" from Fredrikstad. The band consisted of members from Blodstrupmoen, HRPS and Elmon among other bands. Buzzdriver started in 2014, and the purpose of the band was for the members to do something else than their main projects. The focus was to create a fun band based on the pure joy of playing. The band played music inspired by 90s grunge and fuzzpop.

Buzzdriver worked on their debut album from the end of 2016. Even though a lot of time was spent with their main projects. Unfortunately, the album didn't get recorded, even though it was almost finished. In early 2017 they disbanded because of internal strife.

The bands associated with Hoppla Hesten decided to create a homage to Buzzdriver. These are the songs of Buzzdriver interpreted by others. This is what should have been Buzzdrivers debut album. This is The Band That Never Was.

Contributions by: Rabagast, HRPS, Turtlenecktie, Ed, Edd og Eddy , Jakob Ottesen, Honecker and bzdvr!


released April 20, 2019

This album is recorded by different bands, at different times and at different locations.

Artwork by Flu Hartberg
Master by Simen Sinding Madsen

All songs except "Sunglasses On" and "The Band That Never Was" written by Buzzdriver:

Jørgen Skontorp - Bass og vocals
Eirik Odin Lie - Guitar
Christoffer Jacobsen - Drums and vocals
Arne-Magnus Fjelle - Drums




Hoppla Hesten Fredrikstad, Norway

Hoppla Hesten is a voluntary organization of bands, artists and others who conduct culture in Østfold, Norway. Hoppla Hesten works as a cultural collective and record label. The organization is basically a bunch of buddies, where everyone plays in each others bands, and help each other. ... more

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